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Summary Java visual file and directory diff tool
Category analysis
License Apache License
Owner(s) jurgc11


The goal of this project is to create a visual file and directory diff and merge tool.

Initially it will focus on directory differencing but with the eventual aim of adding the following features:

  • File differencing
  • Directory and file merging
  • Archive diff/merge
  • FTP/SFTP diff/merge
  • File manager integration
  • Background processisng
  • Filtering (differences only, matches only, etc)
  • Possibly add CVS/SVN support
The interface should be simple and not provide hundreds of options

KinkajouDiff will be written in Java and should support *nix (particularly MacOS X) and Windows. File differencing will hopefully use existing libraries to cut down on coding and complexity.

Current Version

The most recent version is 0.5 alpha which can be downloaded from the documents and files link. This is the first released version of the application. Since this is an alpha release, don't use it on any important files or anything which is not backup up.

This is a list of all the things which are currently being developed:

  • Complete remote file diff/merging
  • Bug fixing